Albert W.L. Moore Jr.


To the editor:

Roger Hershey is to be commended for his recent, largely informative letter (Dec. 18, “Independence goes green, saves money”) about the replacement of Independence street lights with light-emitting diodes. He does not mention the citizen activist who pointed out to the city facts that might have eluded them in the course of their daily duties, lost in the enormous mass of irrelevant data. I have it on good authority, however, that the disinformation of the phony science of human release of “greenhouse gases” was insignificant in comparison with hard cost figures. (Praise be to greenhouse gases, without which Earth would be an oversized Mars.)

Independence officials duly recognized the particular activist, as reported in other issues of The Examiner. He was quoted as pointing out that the idea would have meant nothing without the sophisticated cost-benefit analysis and administrative and engineering talents of the people running the city.

It might have been appropriate for Mr. Hershey to mention that concerned citizens can contribute to good government when officials are open to information and ideas and are capable of evaluating them and, when appropriate, making them real. Like Mr. Hershey, I’m late to the party in this case, but I’m grateful for its benefits and mindful of its origins.