Cutlines for Photographs: (both photographs taken by Cynthia L. Horn)

Photo South Side, JPG: Sara Dunnahay, Captain of Crescent Whistleblowers Neighborhood Watch, proudly accepts the Gold Level Award from Officer John Syme. Photo North Side,bmp: Kathy Pickering, Captain of The Hardy Bunch Neighborhood Watch and Marilyn Velders, member, show off their Silver Level Award with Officer John Syme.

By Cynthia L. Horn, volunteer

Neighborhood Watch

The Independence Police Crime Prevention Unit started the new year by recognizing exceptional Neighborhood Watch neighbors who had implemented outstanding activities in 2013. An Award Ceremony was held at Truman High School on January 2, 2014.

This is the 19th year of the Neighborhood Watch Program.

Officer John Syme, liaison to the South Neighborhood Watch Blocks, announced that the Crescent Whistleblowers received the Gold Level Award. Captain Sara Dunnahay accepted the Award on behalf of their Neighborhood Watch Block. This is their 14. Sara's viewpoint is “I think we should always keep the Neighborhood Watch program going. It's a very good program. I think more people should be interested in it. I'm glad Officer Syme and Office Pope are continuing the program.”

Officer Billy Pope, liaison to the North Neighborhood Watch Blocks, announced that The Hardy Bunch received the Silver Level Award. Tim Pendleton, member, accepted the award on behalf of her Neighborhood Watch Block. Kathy shared, “It was a privilege to receive these two awards. We never think about awards while we have a Block Party, learn about floods, touching zoo animals, or while we watch out for our neighbors-our friends. Thank you for this recognition. Having a friendly place to live leads to a safer neighborhood. With guidance of the crime prevention officers, we can have both.”

Jim Schultz, City Council At-Large and Mayor Protem, congratulated the Neighborhood Watch members for their teamwork and working with the police department to prevent crime.

Below is a list of other Neighborhood Watch Groups who received awards:

Silver Level Award:

Country Meadows Neighborhood Watch

Bronze Level Award:

Abston Place Pioneers

Charlton Road Neighborhood Watch

Eastgate Neighborhood Watch

Kemper Manor Nosey Neighbors

Thornbird Neighborhood Watch

If anyone is interested in forming a Neighborhood Watch group, visit for information. Officer Billy Pope may be contacted if your neighborhood is located north of 23rd Street. He may be reached at 325-7645. Officer John Syme may be contacted for neighborhoods south of 23rd Street and his number is 325-7643. The Crime Prevention Office is now located at 1717 S. Appleton Ave., on the west side of Englewood by Englewood Café.