Grades – those come after the season has ended.

Unfortunately, that happened quicker than expected for the Kansas City Chiefs. Despite the frustration of another first-round playoff exit, the Chiefs’ eight straight fans aren’t mad at Andy Reid.

Reid still gets an A.

“I never lost faith in this team through all the bad seasons. I've always believed that our Chiefs would play hard and give it their all,” said a fan. “This season just solidified what I’ve always thought of this team and made me believe even more.”

When first hired, Reid said his job was to give fans a winner. In Reid’s first season Chiefs fans feel he and John Dorsey did their job.

“The reason I was hired is to produce a productive football team,” Reid said at his first press conference, “one that can challenge these other great teams in the National Football League and win games.”

Kansas City won 11 games, made the playoffs and set a record for most points scored (44) by a Chiefs’ team in the postseason. But 44 wasn’t enough, not sufficient to win. That’s life – Chiefs fans are a tough bunch.

“I know they will be bringing in more players next year and we will be stronger and better next year,” said a fan.

A huge upgrade from last season? Yes, that’s what fans are banking on continuing. Just the start, not the end.

“I would like to just thank the fans for the great support in which they gave our football team and their football team this season,” Reid said to end the season. “We didn’t end it the way we wanted it to end.

“We shoot for Super Bowls. We’re not shooting to be a good football team, we’re shooting to be a great football team. We did just finish the first year, so we’ll continue to build this to where we make the fans even more proud today of the Chiefs.”

Reid emphasized the fans coming into Arrowhead Stadium and thanked the fans in capping the season. Something I noticed: While Reid didn’t have a defeatist attitude, he reminded the media that he and Dorsey just finished their first year.

Step one, playoffs – not too shabby.

Perspective, that’s what fans are trying to retain. Chiefs fans have their eyes cemented to the road ahead, which they’re confident is being poured in the right direction.

“We’ll learn from this. In a lot of ways we’ll learn from it and be a better team next year because of some of the experiences – not only that we experienced Saturday, but we experienced throughout the season,” Reid pledged. “We look forward, and it can’t get here soon enough honestly, to getting back into Arrowhead Stadium with the best fans in the National Football League.”

Fans believe Reid – we have to. The alternative is dwelling on another 21 seasons of no playoff wins. Who wants to accept that as true? Nobody, including me.

Reid and Dorsey did a good job with what they had and with what Dorsey added to the roster. Better results than what was playing at Arrowhead before, that’s a no-brainer.

Reid’s a smart guy, and you can’t win giving up the yardage that Kansas City surrendered at the end. That sort of lousy keeps a team from being great. Reid says they’re not into being just a good football team but great. Tweaks, changes and modifications can clear that hurdle.

“This was the Kansas City Chiefs of this year, and not everybody will be back next year. That’s just how it goes,” said Reid.

Reid and Dorsey won’t set idle, I honestly trust that. That’s truth.

The majority of fans, well, Chiefs Kingdom is ready for round two.

“It’s important that we put together a solid offseason,” Reid said about getting things right and having a productive offseason. “It’s right around the corner. What seems like a long time from now that we play, it is. Phase one will be cranking up here in no time, and then we’ll be right into phase two and phase three and then training camp is right around the corner.”

That’s good stuff. I can live on that ’til we see the Red and Gold play again.

Good day, Chiefs fans!

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