It's a new year and everyone has hopes for good things to come. The unemployed hope for jobs, the homeless hope for homes, and many of the rest of us just hope that people will be better, kinder and more responsible.

The people who work with homeless animals hope for good people to come forward and adopt the wonderful animals in their care. Living in a shelter is better than living on the street, but living in a loving home is best. Animals Best Friends has two sweet babies that are looking for good homes.

Oreo is a good natured, 11-month-old, pointer mix. Even though pointers are known for hunting water fowl, they are happiest living indoors as part of the family. Pointers are loyal, affectionate, and enjoy living with other dogs and cats. Oreo is no exception. He enjoys his playtime with his caregivers and knows the command “sit.” Oreo is doing well on house-training. One look at that precious face will make your heart melt. All he needs is a chance to let a loving family know that he will be the best dog ever.

Kelsey is a sweet natured, 1 1/2 year old spaniel/terrier mix. Spaniels are intelligent, obedient, affectionate and make great family pets. Kelsey is special because she was mistreated by her former owners. She was left at a local shelter. They found a collar embedded in her neck. How could someone mistreat this sweet girl? She has healed and is ready for a fresh start with a loving family who will cherish her for the precious girl she is. Kelsey will make a great addition to a wonderful, kind family.

If you are looking for a new pet to join your family and think one of these kids might be a good fit, please go to and complete an application. ABF does home visits, vet checks, and two week trials to be sure that the animal and family are a good fit.

Animals Best Friends wish list includes: Purina One Puppy and Dog Chow, Purina Kitten and Cat and Chow, cow hooves or rawhides, canned dog and cat food, peanut butter, stuffed toys (no beads), HE laundry detergent, bleach, bleach spray cleaner, Fantastic spray cleaner, newspapers (without slick ads), paper towels, scoopable cat litter. There is a paper recycling bin in the parking lot at ABF Headquarters, 2302 S. Crysler Ave., Independence. Please, no cardboard or telephone books. We appreciate your support.