Advocates wanting a sales tax increase in order to fund park maintenance and the construction of a new community center in Blue Springs will have to wait a while longer for it to be on the ballot.

According to Missouri Revised Statutes section 644.033, the Blue Springs Parks Commission cannot ask for a sales tax increase that will fund parks and the construction of a new community center again until 12 months have passed from the last election.

"Upon legal review, we discovered that the authorizing chapter of the Missouri State Statutes concerning local parks sales has a 12-month moratorium between ballot initiatives," wrote Blue Springs Mayor Carson Ross in a release.

Originally the sales tax increase question was asked this past November, and it did not pass. Ross blamed its defeat on having it on the same ballot with the controversial Jackson County medical research tax question that was also rejected.

"The sales tax question for our parks was simply overshadowed by it (medical research tax)," said Ross this past Sunday. "I am disappointed, however, not discouraged that we'll find a way to fund our parks in need."

Earlier this month, the Blue Springs Park Commission suggested the City Council ask Blue Springs residents a second time for the sales tax; hoping it would be the only question on the April ballot. But this time it would have a few major revisions such as a 30-year sunset clause instead of being in place in perpetuity as it was when proposed in November and a smaller community center.