Wayne Wagner


To the editor:

President Obama had a goal that all citizens would be covered for health care. The act, with all of its shortcomings, will help the majority of the citizens. The shortcomings, being many, are being blamed on President Obama.

People ranting about the shortcomings of the act may not know that Congress, not the president, put the act together. Also, they may not know about the vast millions of dollars in bribes that went to Congress for those that would benefit from the act. It was the Oklahoma comedian Will Rogers who said, “We have the best Congress money can buy.”

While the act was being put together, a very good health care plan lay in the House of Representatives and was never brought to the floor – “Expanded Medicare for All.” It covered all medical needs, except cosmetic. HR676. If at all interested, get a copy of the 16-page abbreviated version, plain talk any fourth grader could understand. Just think, no copays, no premiums, no Medicaid, etc. So much less expensive then the act, and simpler.

Considering the above thought, the only way it could get any consideration would be a grassroots campaign. Soooo.