Patty Brown


To the editor:

The National Park Service is taking comments through Feb. 7 about its draft general management plan for the Jackís Fork and Current rivers, known as the Ozark National Scenic Riverways. It has progressed well so far, however it should decide to go further than the middle choice it offers.

When Missouriís unique, world-class springs and the rivers they feed were given national status, it was in order to preserve them for all future generations to enjoy. Only Alternative A would truly do this, reversing the deterioration.

Rather than continue to allow it to be more like an amusement park, where natural views are tarnished by noisy ATVís and trucks that tear up the river, Alternative A would close and restore 115 miles of illegal roads and horse trails back to nature and prohibit recreational vehicle access to gravel bars. It would stop much of the destruction; the waterís e. coli contamination from horses and the erosion of river banks, aquatic life and the ecosystem.

I need my familyís natural and cultural homeland to continue to be healthy, providing tranquility, fresh air, clean water, beauty and rejuvenation forever, and so does the nation.