A '49 Jeepster was my very first car. I was in my senior year at South Side High School in Memphis, Tenn., when my dad rescued a '49 Jeepster from the junkyard. He got it running again and painted it with original maroon and black trim paint.

Unfortunately the top leaked and the brakes didn't work too well.

That summer, I was one of a very, very few who had a car. Naturally, I had friends who wanted to share the summer fun. I found out that I could run through a low spot in the road filled with water and the water would cascade over the windshield and into the rear seat... never touching anyone in the front. Several very surprised friends got "initiated" that summer including my younger brother.

Several of us liked to bowl, and four of us went in the Jeepster. One day at the bottom of a hill was a right turn going into the parking lot of the bowling alley. Because of the bad brakes I couldn't slow down enough and took the turn on two wheels. After bowling, we came out to find that it had rained and the car was soaked. Putting up the leaky top didn't help much, but I don't think it dampened our spirits.

Dad ended up selling the car at the end of the summer so I could attend college.... and ride the bus.