A local company recently expanded its operations in Blue Springs and is set to fill 200 to 300 positions this year.

Xceligent is a commercial real estate information company headquartered in Independence. With six regional offices throughout the United States, it provides a database of commercial properties for prospective clients in 40 U.S. markets, said CEO and founder Doug Curry, as well as tenant information, sales comparables, trends on lease rates, demographics and other pertinent data essential to either appraisers, brokers, developers or real estate agencies. The data company extended to Blue Springs earlier this year by leasing space on Magellan Drive near the Blue Springs Public Works facility.

“We provide subscription-based information for our clients at an annual rate,” said Erin Curry, HR manager of Xceligent.

From taking aerial photographs of property to assessing how many dock doors are available at a particular location, the information Xceligent offers is extensive, the Currys say. However, what they don’t provide is valuation of a property. That is left to the brokers to decide with the information provided by Xceligent.

“Our company offers the necessary information to brokers or other professionals in order to market commercial property,” added Doug. “We determine the physical condition of a property, research other tenants that occupy a building and the availability of office space or suites. But it’s more about labor management than IT.”

And business is booming.

Doug said there are hundreds of thousands of commercial buildings across the country to maintain research, and when Xceligent first began in 1999, there were some 35 companies that served this specific market.

“They severely underestimated how dynamic the market is,” said Doug. “It fluctuates on a daily basis.” Not being able to keep up with the everchanging data, many companies folded as a result, he said. Now, he said, few companies serve this information market, and that includes Xceligent – and they need workers who are especially motivated, computer savvy and thrive in a team environment to keep up with the growing demand.

“We are looking to add 20 to 30 more research associates each month,” said Doug. At that rate, the Currys anticipate 200 to 300 will be hired each year.

And since commercial property information is a unique and specialized field, there is no skill set or specific job background required for this line of work.

“Seventy-five percent of our staff have no background in commercial property,” said Erin. Although having experience in either the commercial real estate field, banking or title sector is a plus, she said associates undergo comprehensive training that lasts the first two to three months upon hire.

The husband and wife team were in the real estate appraisal and title business before beginning Xceligent. They decided to expand operations in Blue Springs because “it fits the dynamic of what we needed” and intend to stay at their current location for the next three to four years until a permanent facility is constructed.

Perhaps that would be at the Missouri Innovation Park proposal a few blocks away off of Adams Dairy Parkway? It’s a possibility, they both responded.

“The city and their EDC have been very instrumental in our expansion,” Doug said. They also like that the location is in close proximity to all of Xceligent’s executives. “All of us live within eight miles of our Blue Springs location,” the Currys said. “The city is growing and our Blue Springs location is perfect.” Erin also said that Xceligent will soon be joining the Blue Springs Chamber of Commerce and become involved in local school systems.

Speaking of economic development corporations and chambers of commerce, that’s exactly the kind of organizations that find Xceligent’s type of commercial property information useful.

“We hope to provide commercial property information to every chamber or EDC in the Kansas City metro area,” Doug said.

For more information about applying at Xceligent, Erin said to visit the company’s website at www.xceligent.com, and then click the orange button labeled “Join Our Team” at the top right corner of the page.