A proposed indoor shooting range in Blue Springs – which recently received approval on three municipal code changes from the City Council – is to be built on the South Outer Road.

Labeled as "Blue Springs Commercial Center Lots 1-3" on the Planning Commission's agenda, the 4.25 acre site is comprised of three lots that include the former All-American Fitness building and its vacant parking lot. It is on the south side of 2410-2450 Northwest South Outer Road, and a couple blocks north of Baumgardner Park, Centennial Pool Complex and Blue Springs High School, and not far from the Interstate 70/Woods Chapel Road intersection.

T.J. Nigro, owner of Village Gardens in Blue Springs, intends to construct the indoor shooting range facility. The lot that has the existing All-American Fitness building is where the indoor shooting range would be located. The applicant, Engineering Solutions, a site design service, requested preliminary plat approval and final plat recommendation for the lot that has the existing building by the Commission.

As reported in January, Nigro wants to build an indoor gun shooting range in town, and says customers of such ranges are underserved in Eastern Jackson County. But before he sought plat approval, he and his developer requested three unified development code changes:

1) Allow the range to be constructed in a location from the only-allowed heavy industrial zone to either general business or light industrial zoning districts.

2) Change the code allowing both ammunition and firearms to be stored in the same vaulted containers instead of separate ones after closing time. (He said gun shops in Blue Springs are allowed to store firearms and ammunition in the same container after store hours.)

3) Modify hours of operation.

The commission recommended the amendment requests to the council, which it approved late last month.

Chairman Ken Billups questioned why the "Blue Springs Commercial Center" site was divided into three lots considering the vacant parking lot from the former All-American Fitness building. A representative for the applicant said the extra Lot 3, which shares part of the vacant parking lot and the former All-American Fitness swimming pool, would used for something else once the site is developed. The parking lot would be shared among both the proposed shooting range and another potential commercial interest. Lot 1 is currently vacant.

The commission approved both the preliminary plat and recommended the final plat to the council on Lot 2 of the site.

Other requests

• American Lodging, Inc., a motel company based in Independence that owns and operates American Inn off of Jefferson Street in Blue Springs, requested preliminary and final plat approval for two lots east of the Northwest Woods Chapel Road and Northwest Duncan Road intersection. There was no specific development plan for the lots mentioned at the meeting, but the preliminary plat was approved and final plat was recommended to the council.

• An applicant seeking to construct a duplex on a single lot located at the end of Northeast Highland Lane requested both preliminary and final plats. The commission approved and recommended both plats.