Blue Springs Superintendent Paul Kinder is retiring at the end of the 2013-14 school year. He answered some questions from†The Examiner about his†leadership of Blue Springs schools, views on the state of education and whatís in store for the district.

Question: Why did you decide to retire after this school year?

Kinder: Thatís a complicated question, but Iíll give you the short answer: Iíve been working in education for 37 years, 30 of those have been in administration. The time was right to move on and start the next chapter of my life.

Q: Will you continue to be involved in education in some way?

Kinder: Iím sure Iíll be involved in some aspects, but no specifics yet. I want to help out as much as possible, though.

Q: What has been either your most memorable moment or proudest accomplishment as superintendent?

Kinder: Passing four bonds in the last 14 years which improved the district.†Blue Springs†passed the largest bond issue in the districtís history of $86.5 million with an 89.3 percent approval rating back in 2009.

(This particular bond allowed 16 construction projects that expanded and renovated many district buildings, including both Blue Springs and Blue Springs South high schools.)

Q: What advice would you give your successor, or for that matter, aspiring administrators and teachers in general?

Kinder: Keep fighting the good fight. We still have a lot of detractors (against public education). Public education is still a great place to be in as an educator or administrator. Itís something that keeps this state vibrant and viable, which makes it great as well.

Q: Where would like you to see Blue Springs School District in the future?

Kinder: I hope that it continues to grow and build on what we have done. We have endless community support and I have great confidence in the leadership that will follow.

Q: Who will be the next Blue Springs superintendent?

Kinder: I have an idea, but I canít share it as the board has to decide and approve. A special board†meeting will be held Feb. 24 to discuss who will become the next superintendent.