J.S. Morris


To the editor:

What would Jesus do (WWJD), is a catch phrase popularized by evangelical Christians in recent years as a reminder to live with the same personal integrity demonstrated by Jesus himself. For example, when Jesus was asked if it was lawful to pay taxes to Caesar, His WWJD response was to render unto Caesar what is Caesarís and to God what is Godís.

Fast forward to today. Is it lawful to pay taxes to what is becoming an increasingly lawless Caesar? I submit than only by doing so can one render unto God what is Godís. The church, other ecclesiastical communities and charities have voluntarily removed their voices from the public discourse and limited their actions in the public square by covetously clinging to their tax-exempt status. Sever the ties; render unto Caesar.

Then open your muted mouths and loudly condemn the slaughter of unborn children and the martyrdom of your brothers and sisters throughout the world lest your silence condemn you.