The proposed indoor shooting range in Blue Springs just got one step closer to fruition.

The City Council unamiously approved Lot 2 for the Blue Springs Commercial Center, or better known as the indoor shooting range the Planning Commission revealed at its last meeting. There was no discussion before the lot's approval, and next for the shooting range is preliminary and final plat approval by both the Commission and the Council.


The city of Blue Springs is on its way to earn yet another Government Finance Officers Association Award. McGladery representatives presented an annual audit report to the Council, and the city received a grade "A" rating. They said 2013's expenditures came in under budget. Approximately $17 million was the total amount of last year's revenue and $12 million in expenditures, where most of it was public safety costs.

There were a few flaws in the audit, such as U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development saying the city was non-compliant for not spending CDBG funds in a timely manner.

*** Cosentino's Price Chopper’s north location, at north Missouri 7 was approved to have two easements vacated in order to begin a 16,300 square foot expansion. Approved were vacation of a storm sewer easement and detention basin easement. The two easements will be replaced, according to city documents.

*** The Council added an extra section in the Municipal Code and approved regulating text messaging while operating a motor vehicle within the city of Blue Springs. The section conforms to the already existing state law.