Wayne Wagner


To the editor:

A lot is being said about the Affordable Care Act requirements that all citizens must have health care. Like some macho talk, “I don’t want to be forced to have that.” Well consider...

If you own a car, by law your must have insurance to drive it. But what if there was no such law? If you buy the car on credit, you must have insurance to protect the loan company. But what if you pay cash for the car? If you value it greatly, you probably will have it insured voluntarily.

How about a house? Exactly the same as the car.

What about health care? Every day you can read in the paper about some young person having an awful sickness. Would insurance be OK at that point?

Saying that the young are supporting the older in health care premiums is not how premiums are set. The incidence of problems at whatever age set the premiums for that age. My goal should be everybody’s – hoping never to have to use my insurance, at least minimally, towards health.