A vehicle that crashed into a utility pole caused a brief power outage in Blue Springs on Tuesday afternoon.

According to Blue Springs Public Information Officer Jennifer Dachenhausen, a truck with a single occupant collided into a power box in front of Shangri-La Rehab & Living Center at 930 Northeast Duncan Road in Blue Springs around 2 p.m. She said the male driver was taken to an area hospital for treatment of non life-threatening injuries.

As a result of the collision, power was temporarily out in areas east of Missouri 7 and south of Pink Hill Road in Blue Springs. Dachenhausen says police and fire crews were sent to Shangri-La as a precaution, but they did not encounter any problems from the power outage.

"The power was out for about an hour," she said. "And back-up generators were running."

KCP&L spokeswoman Rebecca Galati says the outage affected 2,981 customers in the area and that power was completely restored by the 4 p.m.

The cause of the crash is under investigation.

Brandon Dumsky