R.L. Adams


To the editor:

Hooray for our home team and mascot. The Missouri Mavericks have earned their first-place status. Congratulations! One team member with the most enthusiasm is mascot Mac, aka A. Johnson. Mac is No. 1 in a “division” all his own.

Recently, our daughter and her peers were entertained by Mac during our daughter’s birthday celebration. The party was held at the Independence location of Developing Potential Inc., a most viable day habilitation program of young adults having developmental disabilities.

During his one-hour visit, Mac gave quality time to each consumer within the DPI program. He carefully and thoughtfully moved among the group of individuals, each having various levels of disabilities. Mac gave each individual their appropriate time and space, allowing them to react and receive just the right amount of his attention.

Mac’s genuine kindness and sensitivity made the occasion especially memorable for a group of well-deserving individuals. Thank you, Mac, and go Missouri Mavericks!