“We want to take those winter doldrums and give you something warm and genuine,” says Nancy Horine, director of Plaza Heights Christian Academy’s production of “The Music Man.”

This year’s Plaza Heights Christian Academy musical will be presented tonight, Friday and Saturday. All shows begin at 7 p.m. at the academy located at 1500 SW Clark Road in Blue Springs, next to Franklin Smith Elementary School.

The show features a wide age range of performers – from third graders to senior citizens – and has been eight weeks in the making, according to Horine.

“We have a cast that has been unusually polished,” Horine said. “The Music Man was chosen based on our emerging talent.”

She adds their rendition of “The Music Man” is faithful to the original production that was performed in the late 1950s. “We even feature a Stanley grand piano, the same type that was used when the composer wrote ‘The Music Man.’”

The musical is set at the turn of the 20th century about a con man, Harold Hill, who poses as a band organizer and sells instruments and uniforms to townfolk. But the reality is Harold is no musician and plans to skip town without providing music lessons.

Horine credits all the volunteers for being a “dream team.” Other churches as far as Odessa and Raytown have volunteered to help with the play as well, she said.

“We feel blessed to have members of the community to make this possible.”

Tickets are $4 for students (ages 2-18) and $6 for adults. They can be purchased by calling Plaza Heights Christian Academy at 816-228-0670.


Charlie Cowell - Michael Poggemeier Professor Harold Hill - Josiah Asher Mayor Shinn - James Launius Farmer - Brandon Olson Farmer’s Wife - Nicole Potts Alma Hix - Samantha Morse Ethyl Toffelmeier - Hailey Faltynowski Jacey Squires (Quarter High Tenor) - Tim Asher Marcellus Washburn - Travis Payne Marian Paroo - Leah Hertzog Mrs. Paroo - Brenda Webder Amaryllis - Moriah Asher Winthrop Paroo - Chapman Hodges Eulalie Mackecknie Shinn - Sariah Launius Ewart Dunlop (Quarter Tenor) - Jim Ketchum Constable Locke - Dawson Neir Gracie Shinn - Summer Green Olin Britt (Quartet Baritone) - Jim Cline Oliver Hix (Quartet Bass) - Mel Hardin Tommy Djilas - Isaiah Asher Zaneeta Shin - Ali Tharp Maud Dunlop - Kayla Cunningham Man 1 - Camden Bainbridge Man 2 - Felix Wohlford Woman 1 - Deanie Odom Woman 2 - Julie Childress Woman 3 - Grace Perkins Man 3 - Brandon Olson Boy - David Neufeld


Director - Nancy A. Horine Conductor - Austin Payne Technical and Set Director - Matthew Rausch Accommpanist - Tom Hilton Vocal Direction - Ceste Stanly Master Carpenter - Rich Hodges Director’s Assistant - Mary Kitley Set Painting Designer - Janet Neufeld Choreography - Lauren Payne Casting and Musical Consultant - Kittie Harden Feeding the Cast and Cast Gifts - Catherine Potts Men’s Barbershop Quartet Coordinator - Tim Asher Publicity - Ronda Brady Publicity Photos - Tiffany Sauser Mr. Hilton’s Assistant - Mark Montisano Technical Crew - Payton Fischer