Esther A. Boothe


To the editor:

I had concern for the disabled and elderly because of changes made by the IndeBus service.

In the past, the bus would pick up passengers and let them off at the Price Chopper store at 23rd Street and Hub Drive. Then, due to changes, passengers would not be picked up at the store but were instructed to walk the full length of the parking lot to a new pick-up stop on a narrow strip close to traffic. Due to the snow removal, this area was piled so high the stop was not visible and not safe. I could not imagine the disabled and elderly walking this distance and carrying their groceries.

I contacted IndeBus with my concerns and they said they would get back with me in two weeks. I called back and asked for the main supervisor. I left her a brief message on her voice mail about this issue. After some time and no response, I contacted my council member, Curt Dougherty, for his assistance. He said he would investigate and follow up with me.

I was contacted again by Councilman Dougherty after he had visited the bus site and agreed that bus changes were needed to address this issue.

Thanks to Councilman Dougherty and swift action, the problem was solved within days.