Re-homing pets takes work and a little research, but it is well worth it when the animal finds a loving forever home. Many of us would rather live on the street than give up our pet and there are many homeless people who have pets. However, there are those who look at the pet as a nuisance. Others don't stop and think about what kind of home their pet may get. All they are thinking of is getting rid of the pet.

Animals Best Friends and most rescue groups highly discourage ads that state “free to good home” because it draws the worst kinds of people. Someone might say they will give the pet a loving home then take it and use it for dog baiting or sell it to a laboratory for tests. Most disturbing of all, they might take it home and torture it to death. Sorry to say, but there are a lot of mean, deeply troubled people out there.

There is a campaign to stop Craigslist from allowing people to put ads out there to re-home their pets. One puppy from Craigslist ended up in the hands of a monster who tortured it for months, pulling its limbs out of their sockets, beating and burning the pup, and even stabbing her in the eyes. This monster has been charged and we hope will face severe punishment. As for the pup, named Puppy Doe, she was humanely euthanized due to the severity of her injuries and suffering. Things like this just should not happen!

If you need to re-home a pet or know of someone who does please don't place an ad in the paper or on Craigslist! Talk to your vet to see if they can help you find a home for your pet. You can also call the local no-kill shelter or a rescue group to see if they can possibly take it. Animals Best Friends will do what we call a “courtesy listing” where we list someone's pet on our website, take the applications on it, and then pass those applications on to the pet owner for review. It is then the pet owner's responsibility to choose who will be the best guardian for their pet.

It all boils down to responsibility! We humans have domesticated these cats and dogs and therefore are responsible for taking care of them. When we adopt a pet we need to realize that this is a lifelong commitment; it's not a car that we can trade off if we get tired of it. The “throw-away” mentality in our society has to be abolished! We must take responsibility for our actions; before we adopt a pet we have to think about the lifespan of that pet and either commit that time to the pet or choose not to adopt. If circumstances are beyond someone's control and the pet has to be re-homed, please first think of the pet's wellbeing and safety! Take the time to find the pet a good home! Don't let your pet become another Puppy Doe!