Terry Flowers


To the editor:

The city of Independence is at a crossroads. The coal-fired power plants that the city owns and operates, Missouri City and Blue Valley, are very old and inefficient. They are well beyond the expected years of operation of 30 years.

All across the nation coal plants of this vintage are being retired due to the costs of retrofitting them to comply with the necessary pollution controls in order meet public health standards.

Many municipalities are replacing such plants with cheaper, cleaner renewables such as wind and solar. Independence Power and Light has some preliminary plans to retire coal use at these plants, but much more can (should) be done to reduce IPL’s dependence on fossil fuels and to make a real commitment to retire the use of coal.

At 7 p.m. Thursday, at the North Independence branch of the Mid-Continent Public Library, there will be a public forum with the candidates for the City Council. Further, on March 22 at the same library, there will be a public forum on solar energy. Perhaps many of our concerned citizens could attend these and let their thoughts be known.

For more information on the plans that IPL has, see www.indyenergy.org. You can also find a good deal of information on this topic on Missouri Beyond Coal’s website.