Robert K. Weir


To the editor:

Take a minute and hear me out. I am writing this primarily to encourage you to vote on April 8. Naturally, I hope you will vote for Eileen. Residents need to participate in electing a new Independence mayor.

It is a sacrifice to run for public office, and often highly qualified candidates are reluctant to venture forward. Eileen is highly qualified, smart and willing to take on the responsibility to be our mayor. She will bring a fresh approach free of old baggage. She will move on and make Independence a community that will attract new residents and businesses. She has the energy and communication skills to get the job done.

Unfortunately, nearby communities have done a pretty good job of attracting upscale development at our expense. When you think about it Independence with its rich history and close proximity to the action should have the edge. We are close to the good-paying jobs, the Kauffman Center and the stadiums. If anyone can capitalize on this, it is Eileen. She will work to get more people contributing to the tax base without a tax increase. This will help shoulder the heavy financial burdens that have a strangle hold on our city. More money means more police and fire protection and more for infrastructure repair.

Eileen can do this because she is a consensus builder and people respect her accomplishments in this community. People will want to work with her because she is bright and fun to be around. You will be proud to have her as your mayor and she will do an outstanding job representing our individual and municipal interests.

Please remember to vote April 8 and encourage others to do so. Together, with Eileen as our mayor we can create a new, vibrant image for the town we call home!

Editor’s note: The writer of this letter is Elieen Weir’s father-in-law.