Peter Gardner

Lee’s Summit

To the editor:

Forty-one years after Roe v Wade, politicians still seem to think they have a mandate to restrict a woman’s access to a safe and legal abortion, despite broad disapproval of these laws from nearly all demographics. Many of these restrictions are transparent attempts to make it nearly impossible for a woman to get an abortion. Farcically, these laws are often championed under the guise of supporting women’s health.

In some states, a woman must drive three or more hours to the nearest abortion provider, and then wait 72 hours to have the procedure done (Missouri is currently trying to pass a 72-hour law, as well). Try affording a three-night hotel stay or two 300-mile round-trip car rides on minimum wage.

Fortunately for those of us who do actually champion women’s health issues, the new generation, which has grown up in a post-Roe world, recognizes that women have a right to safe and legal abortion access. Sixty-eight percent of millennials believe abortion should be available in their community, and Planned Parenthood has gained more than 2 million supporters since 2011, 40 percent of whom are under the age of 35. The number of college campus Planned Parenthood student groups has nearly doubled in the last few years.

Those of us who do not believe that the government has any business getting involved with the health decisions of women are standing in opposition to these draconian laws. We are gaining more and more support nationwide every day, and we will never stop fighting for the rights of women.