By Jeff Fox

A substation fire knocked out electrical power on and near the Independence Square early Friday morning.

The blackout included the Independence Police Department headquarters building, and that knocked 911 service out for less than 15 minutes, police said.

The blackout started around 5:40 a.m. and lasted an hour and eight minutes, said Leon Dagget, Independence Power and Light director. There was a fire on a power pole at the substation at Truman and Noland roads, and three circuits went down.

That blacked out the Square, City Hall and the police station just east of the Square, and homes and businesses nearby. About 2,000 customers were affected, Daggett said.

“So we’re looking now to see if there’s a root cause,” Daggett said.

The Police Department has a backup generator. It went down, too, “and it was quickly corrected,” said Police Chief Tom Dailey, who said it will be tested to make sure it’s reliable for any critical incidents.