I have written this article solely for the purpose of trying to inspire anyone who cares, or says they care, about our ailing country. The following issues have gotten worse and will continue to do so until the truly responsible citizens engage, demand change and speak out to anyone and everyone who will listen, including and especially their elected representatives while they still have the right to do so. Don’t think you can’t lose that right. Look around the world we live in today.

I’m fed up with all the clamoring for comprehensive immigration reform and how it’s been used by the Obama administration to further divide our country, and how they would like to reward those who enter our country illegally with what would ultimately turn out to be a free pass and a pat on the back from our government.

Our existing immigration system is not broken, unreasonable or unfair, and our annual legal immigration quota is higher than any other country in the world. It’s just not convenient enough for those who have no respect for our laws and want to take advantage of the system, and those who want cheap labor.

The Republicans and Democrats keep coming up with these hollow schemes that illegals will be required to learn English, pay fines, pay back taxes, undergo extensive background checks and finally for sure this time secure the border and other promises which will never be kept, especially by this administration when they have blatantly disregarded existing immigration laws. What would all that cost if implemented? You know who would pay for it, yes, American taxpayers. Our country is not for sale or trade at any price.

We have illegal immigration issues solely because Republicans, Democrats and many American citizens have ignored existing laws for years, but yet acknowledging and enforcing existing laws is the only legitimate and fair solution for the legitimate American citizen.

If a majority of the illegal immigrants are such hardworking, model citizens, they should put forth the sacrifices and hard work American citizens have done in their own country, modeling after the United States.

Were you aware (probably not because the national media didn’t feel you needed to be, or knew you would be very upset) that very recently the Ninth Circuit District Court ruled that a California high school could tell legitimate American students they couldn’t wear any type of shirt or attire that represented our country, the United States, during the Mexican Cinco de Mayo celebration because several students at that school are Hispanic and it offended them? There was concern that the Hispanic students would be angry and that it could lead to a riot at school.

It is unfair, if not discriminatory, to legitimate American students and taxpayers that we should have to spend our limited education tax dollars on those who are in our country illegally and are due absolutely nothing.

And yes, I understand they just want a better life, but the legitimate American citizens and students do too, and no one should be rewarded for breaking the law, and most certainly one of our most important sovereign laws.

An issue that never goes away because some will never be satisfied is that there is never, ever enough money spent on education. Many of our elected representatives have campaigned and made political careers trying to keep the money flowing. And now to make matter worse, there’s a lot of controversy in Kansas City and St. Louis concerning unaccredited versus accredited school districts regarding class sizes and who will absorb the costs of transportation and educating students transferring from unaccredited to accredited schools. It will ultimately be determined by our state legislators and probably the courts. You can be sure before it’s all said and done that taxpayers will have to ante up again.

However, after all the taxpayer dollars that have been spent we still have unaccredited schools and we seldom hear of any real accountability of all those responsible in the school system, but also the elected representatives who made our tax dollars available through legislation. It’s time we demand accountability from everyone who receives and spends hard earned taxpayer dollars.

I obviously question how effectively our tax dollars have been spent as intended and necessary for an adequate and proper education, no more, no less. Remember, silence is acceptance.

Greg Perry lives in Independence.