The Independence Events Center has partnered with the Recreation Council of Greater Kansas City and the Independence and Kansas City Parks and Recreation Departments to host its first Sled Hockey and Skating Ability Camp at Centerpoint Community Ice beginning at noon March 23.

Sled hockey allows individuals with disabilities to compete in ice sports and recreational activities like hockey and ice skating. Participants sit on their skates using an adaptive device known as a sled, which is affixed with two skate blades and a runner in the front to form a tripod instead of standing up to skate. Sled hockey participants also use two shortened hockey sticks with a blade on one end and a pick on the other end to propel themselves across the ice.

Anyone with a disability that would prevent them from participating in “stand-up hockey” is an ideal candidate for sled hockey, including players with mobility limitations such as amputees and people with knee, leg or hip injuries. Sled hockey requires great upper-body strength and balance.

Everyone is invited to attend, but space is limited to 50 participants, so registration is required. Participants and volunteers can register online at