Wayne Wagner


To the editor:

I have been aware of the accomplishments of my City Council member Eileen Weir. She will get my vote for mayor in the April 8 election. A few of these accomplishments are:

• Closely working with the Independence Police Department, supporting their mission.

• Leading in forcing the demolition of the abandoned, burned-out school building on 35th Street. Accomplishing this without the city of Independence having to fund the demolition.

• Leading the course to arrange the site of the former movie property for development. Allowing the first business, the Burlington Coat Factory.

• Helped a neighbor through the permit maze in rehabbing a beautiful older home and property that had been vandalized almost beyond repair.

• Community meetings, such as the one I attended at a local school where an information exchange was very beneficial to the community.

In each of these activities, true leadership was displayed. Some required the full council to consider. Although much discussion was generated, all was accomplished with support.

Such an energetic and hard working person demonstrating effective leadership must be recognized. My vote for mayor will be for Eileen Weir.