Independence Police were engaged in a short police pursuit after three people allegedly shoplifted from an Independence department store Monday afternoon.

Independence Police Public Information Officer Darrell Schmidli said officers responded to a call made by J.C. Penney, located at 17610 E. 39th Street in Independence, about one female and two males suspected of shoplifting merchandise from the store around noon.

“Just as officers arrived, the suspects were loading J.C. Penney property into their vehicle,” said Schmidli. “Once they saw police, they took off in their truck.”

He said that police pursued the alleged shoplifters. They drove westbound 39th Street, somehow lost control of their truck and ended up in a residence’s yard located at Drumm Road.

“The two males escaped from the truck, but the female remained inside,” Schmidli said. “The two were eventually caught.”

All three were taken into custody.