Don M. McNulty

Blue Springs

To the editor:

I attended Sen. Claire McCaskill’s March 19 town hall meeting at UMKC. She entertained questions from the people in attendance in a random order. My question came up for her to answer, and I wish to give report.

My question was, “Knowing the greatest majority of Missourians were against ObamaCare, why did she vote for it?” Her answer was long and drawn out, and she slid to the side of the issue at hand ... a direct answer. But when you boil her answer down to its essence she said, she knew better than the Missourians who sent her, she felt we were ignorant on the issue at hand (ObamaCare), so she voted for it.

I expect my government representatives to be somewhat intelligent. They should know how to read, cipher and be able to speak in public and hold debate, etc. But I wholly expect them to be mindless when it comes to voting. When you run for office and win, you give up your right to an opinion when it comes to the vote and you should vote in a manner that best represents the people of your state or area of responsibility.

Based on her admission of failure to properly represent the people of Missouri, for her knowing misrepresentation their beliefs, for not having faith in the people she represents as knowing their own minds, and for breaking their trust and her oath to represent Missourians, I believe she should, in all good conscience, resign her position as senator from Missouri.