Marvin Sands


To the editor:

In the election for mayor, one candidate seems to stand out. That would be Jim Schultz. Here’s why:

• He has served for 12 years as a council member at large covering every major issue in Independence.

• He has served the past four years as the mayor pro tem, having been chosen to that important position by his fellow council members.

• He has served on the Mid-America Regional Council board, including the role of board chairman for two years.

• He has served on the Missouri-Kansas Multi-Cultural Commission in all leadership positions and once again in the role as board chairman for two years.

• His passion with regard to the hungry and homeless led to the founding of the Independence Hungry and Homeless Coalition.

Now with regard to Jim’s service as a council member, some accomplishments during his period of time:

• Opening the Independence Events Center.

• The bus transit center.

• The Palmer Senior Center .

• Adventure Oasis.

• A new athletic complex.

• Better roads throughout Independence.

• Many park improvements.

• The Little Blue Expressway that will bring many new businesses and residents.

Above all, a mayor should be one who listens. Jim Schultz is a good listener. A mayor should have experience and be a good policy maker. Jim has an abundance of experience and knows how to formulate policy. A mayor should believe in and be able to work with and through others in accomplishing the best interests of a city. Jim knows how to do this.

Jim Schultz knows Independence having lived his life here and with his wife, raised his family here. He has the background, the experience and the knowledge of how a city government should be governed with the best interests of the people and the community in which we all live.

On April 8, I would encourage and urge you to vote for Jim Schultz.