The following items were taken from March 22 through 28, 1964, Examiner.

• More post office patrons are using the ZIP code which went into operation last July, but Postmaster Edgar G. Hinde Jr. said that doesn’t mean the majority of citizens are cooperating in using the new system. ZIP really means “Zone Improvement Plan.”

• Artist Thomas Hart Benton spent most of Monday sketching proceedings in the courtroom of Judge John R. James in Independence. He said he had nothing special in mind for the use of the sketches, but has an interest in courtrooms.

• Houses and trees fell before bulldozers and consuming flames in the 15-acre area being cleared north of Truman Road between Dodgion and Hocker. The site is being cleared for a public housing project.

• The subject of the seminar at the Institute for National and International Affairs at the Harry S Truman Library was the European Recovery Program dealing with the Marshall Plan. Dr. Wayne C. Grover, archivist of the United States, said Truman Library was one of the best and most beautiful of the presidential libraries.

• Walter Allen, assistant cashier at First National Bank, is showing some of the first issues of the Kennedy half dollar that were just released for distribution. The half dollar commemorating the late president has his profile on one side and the presidential seal on the other.


The following items were taken from the March 22 through 28, 1914, Examiner.

• W.H. Tate, a patrolman on the police force, has offered his resignation to Chief of Police St. Clair. He has been offered the Republican nomination for chief of police by the Republican City Central Committee, and has decided to accept it. He has served as a patrolman under St. Clair about two years.

• The Rev. W.R. Nelson has been returned to the pastorate of the Watson Memorial M.E. Church by the St. Louis Conference. This will be the Rev. Nelson’s third year as pastor of the Independence church. Several changes were made in the Kansas City district. The Rev. Samual Warner of Mount Washington M.E. Church has been transferred to the Agnes Avenue M.E. Church. The Rev. W.R. Ward goes to Mount Washington. Other appointments were: Lee’s Summit, A.M. Carpenter; Sugar Creek and Courtney, Roy L. Kuhns; Buckner, J.C. Needles.

• The tenants of Longview farm want to form a new school district. C.J. Tucker, manager of the farm, recently wrote Prof. L.F. Blackburn, county superintendent of schools, asking what course should be taken to bring this about. The farm consists of more than 1,300 acres of land and its population, including all employees and tenants, is sufficient to warrant a good live school. To make Longview farm a distinct school district, it would be necessary to divide Consolidated District No. 1.

• A marching club of forty members has been organized by Independence Aerie of the Eagles. It is to take part in the grand parade in Kansas City on Aug. 6, when the national meeting of the Eagles will be in session in that city. Officers of the marching club are: Thomas R. Chandler, captain; William T. Newbanks, first lieutenant; James L. Edwards, secretary; and Robert S. Miller, treasurer.

– Jillayne Ritchie