Spring is here and it soon will be raining puppies and kittens and the old call of "spay, neuter" will ring out, but unfortunately few will hear. The old wives tale that animals need to be left intact is just that, a wives tale.

Female dogs and cats do not need to have at least one litter before they are spayed. Spaying a dog or cat before the first heat practically eliminates the chance that the animal will get mammary cancer. Uterine and ovarian cancers are also eliminated when an animal is spayed. Neutering a cat or dog prevents testicular cancer, certain types of hernias, and perianal tumors. A neutered cat or dog usually has a better disposition, aggression is greatly decreased, and marking territory is greatly reduced.

Along with the health benefits, spaying and neutering prevents unwanted litters. Savings lives is paramount! There is no logical reason for allowing an animal to procreate, then dumping the babies at the local shelter or leaving a tub full of puppies along Interstate 435. This is not only being irresponsible, it's neglect. And yes, that actually happened!

There are posts daily on Facebook about animals who are dumped or killed needlessly because people didn't want them. So, those of us who love animals and want to help them continually say “What is wrong with these people?” It's not rocket science. You can get your animals spayed or neutered and encourage your friends and family to do the same.

There are many resources out there available to those who need help:

• Spay Neuter Kansas City 816-353-0940

• Low Cost Spay & Neuter Service, 816-525-5401

• STOPP Clinic, 816-313-7729

• Humane Society of Greater Kansas City, 913-596-1000

• No More Homeless Pets, 816-333-PETS

• Great Plains SPCA, 913-831-7722

Please have your animals spayed or neutered for their health and long life and to save the lives of the unborn. Those who work in rescue struggle daily to keep up with the flood of homeless pets coming into their doors. Spaying and neutering promotes good health, good behavior, and saves lives. It's a no brainer and a win-win.

Animals Best Friends wish list includes: Purina One Puppy and Dog Chow, Purina Kitten and Cat and Chow, cow hooves or rawhides, canned dog and cat food, peanut butter, stuffed toys (no beads), HE laundry detergent, bleach, bleach spray cleaner, Fantastic spray cleaner, newspapers (without slick ads), paper towels, scoopable cat litter. There is a paper recycling bin in the parking lot at ABF Headquarters, 2302 S. Crysler Ave., Independence. Please, no cardboard or telephone books. We appreciate your support.