Richard Mark


To the editor:

Jim Schultz is a servant. I have led groups myself and know when one is a leader, one must be ready to sacrifice self to create the time and effort needed to serve the people and needs of the group. I know Jim understands this and lives it.

I have seen Jim do this as council member, spending countless hours meeting with citizens to help them with issues, doing leg work to research their problem, and meeting with other city groups and leaders that might contribute in solving the issue. He spends time listening to citizens and is always respectful toward them. I know he will be a servant to all citizens of Independence while being its Mayor.

Jim Schultz cares. This is probably Schultz’s strong point. Jim’s concern for people’s welfare is what led him to promote a better public bus transportation center with better routes for those without private transportation, and form a special group fighting hunger issues that has networked sites in our city where meals and extra food staples are available for the needy.

Many times I have seen him interacting with young people, always making them feel important and always trying to lift their spirits and vision of what they can become. I remember a conversation I had with Schultz regarding YouthFriends. He said the time he got to spend with the kids in the program was probably one of the most important things he was doing in his life. He understood he had a special opportunity to be a positive influence and took this responsibility seriously.

We all know Jim has all the experience, skills, vision, and leadership abilities to be a great mayor for Independence. I think his intangible qualities of serving and caring will make him an excellent choice for our mayor!