Bill Kidd


To the editor:

If the number of signs and television advertisements are the reason you pick a candidate, then there is only one choice for mayor for the city of Independence. But if experience, leadership, personal community involvement and true independence are the reasons you pick your mayoral candidate, then the only choice is Jim Schultz.

I personally don’t know anyone else more involved in every aspect of this city than Jim, oftentimes behind the scenes and without recognition or fanfare. His experience as chairman of the Mid-America Regional Council and the Bi-State Commission as well as his term as acting mayor in the absence of current Mayor Don Riemal gives Jim a unique set of qualifications that sets him apart from the crowd.

Don’t vote out your most qualified candidate simply for the sake of change. As we have experienced in past elections, the wrong kind of change can be disastrous. Vote for the candidate who has the most experience, works the hardest, votes his conscience and keeps special-interest groups at bay. Vote for Jim Schultz.

Jim Schultz will be a first-class mayor. He has the integrity, the expertise and the knowledge to keep Independence on the track of becoming a city of which we can be even prouder.