Bruce VanCompernolle

Independence Labor Coalition

Alise Martiny

Greater Kansas City Building and Construction Trades Council

Patrick “Duke” Dujakovich

Greater Kansas City AFL-CIO

To the editor:

Eileen Weir has earned the endorsement of the Independence Labor Coalition, the Greater Kansas City Building and Construction Trades Council, and the Greater Kansas City AFL-CIO. We are supporting Eileen Weir for mayor of Independence because of her commitment to the Independence community and the strong leadership she has shown since taking office on the Independence City Council.

Our organizations, and the thousands of members we represent, participate in elections because the decisions by elected leaders in local, state, and national offices directly impact our livelihoods and our shared principles of fair wages, available health care, safe working conditions, and quality workmanship performed by skilled experts. Our members are highly trained, hard-working taxpayers who contribute to their local economies by living and working in the community, patronizing their local businesses, and purchasing American-made products and services whenever possible.

We believe Eileen Weir is the best candidate for mayor because she has been an effective communicator with her fellow council members, city management and employees, business leaders and elected officials across the metropolitan area, and labor organizations. Eileen’s work ethic is unmatched, and she has demonstrated a willingness to research and understand issues in order to make the best decisions for the citizens of Independence. She has restored a sense of trust to the council that will continue to benefit the city, the community and the employees of the city of Independence.

Just as every candidate for office has their supporters, it is for all of these reasons that we are supporting Eileen Weir for mayor of Independence.