The city of Raytown is asking voters three questions on the April 8 ballot.

Two of them ask to raise sales tax and the other is for the creation of a new commission.

The first question is if the city should impose a half cent sales tax for transportation purposes that sunsets in 10 years.

The second sales tax increase question is should Raytown raise another 3/8 of a cent for capital improvements for a 10 year term.

The last question asks voters whether to form a new Charter Commission. Voters will choose 13 commissioners from among these candidates: Jim Aziere, Shirley (Witty) Wittman, Charlotte Melson, Richard Koop, Susan Thorsen, Jerome Barnes, Mary Jane Van Buskirk, Janet Emerson, Robbie Tubbs, Michael McDonough, Jason Greene, Greg Walters, Susan Dolan, Matthew Cushman, David McCauley, Chris Rathbone, Sandra A. Hartwell, Ted Bowman, Lisa Emerson, Joe Burton, Mark Moore and Steve Guenther.