Students at Osage Trail Middle School in the Fort Osage School District wrote these poems. Their teacher Ann Taylor sent them to acknowledge their good work.

I Am

By Alexis Salais

I am purple Majestically strong Shaped round Moving quick Not letting life pass me by.

I am a bat Blind as can be But strum me Like a guitar And I'll strive.

I am number eleven Two different sides of me I hold all my fears in Like a mini van With sliding doors Opening and closing.

I am a bed I could sleep all day I am a Taurus My element of Earth Connected to the universe And everything in between.

I am classical music With my ups and downs And I sway back and forth My food is spaghetti Many noodles of qualities.

I am a weeping willow My vines down to Earth My worst fear is absence I can't be alone I must be entertained.

For I am.

The End of Days' Light

By Kevan Wilderdyke

Light flees darkness Devours

the sky divides owls awaken

trees go to sleep the grass Begins to rest

flowers begin to wither signaling the time to sleep

roots begin to swirl the beasts begin to slumber

as the day begins to end

I Am

By Amanda Shapley

I am a tiger Strong and smart Screaming my dreams From the thoughts in my head.

I am a truck Built strong and hard To last long Moving forward fast into my future.

I am 22 Past-present-future The number my dad Gave me still remains.

I am cancer Consuming my thoughts Hoping my day won't come I hate cancer; cancer sucks.

I am bright green Flashing my smile For the world to see With the excitement bubbling inside.

For I am.

I Am

By Amber Lee

I am an oval A circle but not perfect Round but unequal Hurt but unbroken.

I am a cat I roam and wander out of curiosity Calm yet wild at heart Hiding or revealing myself at will.

I am a guitar Each string a different sound Strumming soft songs That may turn to electric rage.

I am the word “unique” Thinking outside the box My mind is not like others Creating images inside.

I am the number one No one else can be me I try to be the best Even if I'm chosen last.

For I am.


By Olivia Jenkins

Floating in and out of amazing dreams The bliss of being exhausted and tired I think of all my problems and I lean On my thoughts which are a blazing fire.

I think of my chaotic life story My consciousness swirls as I drift off I want relief, but my mind is gory When I finally sleep, I twist and cough.

Sure, rest is a temporary relief But when I wake, I don't know what I'll do Because even if I have a long sleep I will still be without someone like you.

We may sleep, we may rest, and we may think But without love, our lives are just a blink.


By Marissa Peaslee

We bind ourselves in fake realities Longing, wishing, hoping they become true Lost in our deceptions, not able to see That living in dreams is the real issue.

Like Alice we fall into Wonderland A place that contains what we desire Doesn't have what we need to understand Our fantasies will burn in raging fire.

But we cannot wake up from the fake bliss We refuse to notice it doesn't last Because the real things are what we dismiss We can't help but leave the truth in the past.

But it's so uncomplicated, you see Open your eyes and see the truth that be.