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Real Estate is an industry filled with questions.  In fact, if you aren’t asking questions, you’re potentially asking for trouble.
You may be surprised, however, to find out that a few commonly asked questions are handled much differently than you might think.
We’ll start with the “I can’t answer that list”:
“Why are the sellers moving?”  Unless a situation such as the home being an estate (which would already be disclosed) the seller’s motivation for moving can only be shared with a buyer or buyer’s agent when permission has been given to do so.  Basically the reason is not relevant to the sale of the home.  Some situations are emotional and some pressing.  Protecting a seller from having the sale of their home becoming a manipulation of their circumstances is the responsibility of the Realtor representing them.
Another common “can’t answer” question usually comes when I get a call on a home already under contract.  After I explain the seller has signed an offer and both parties are moving towards closing my caller will often ask “How much is the contract for?”  The answer is ALWAYS, “I can’t share that information with you until after the property has closed.  At that point the sales price becomes public information.”
If for some reason the contract didn’t close and the home came back on the market, it would be a major disadvantage to the seller for a potential buyer to know how much that original contract was for.  Most questions can be answered and should be asked, however if the privacy of either a seller or buyer is at risk the answer will always be, “I can’t answer that.”
Audrey L. Elder
Keller Williams Platinum Partners

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