Following Monday night’s 5-0 loss to visiting Lee’s Summit North, something was obvious to Blue Springs girls soccer coach Doug McLagan and junior forward Shilah Rainey: The once-undefeated Wildcats weren’t ready to play.

Rainey said McLagan had told the Wildcats (4-1, 1-1 league) to avoid thinking they were “all big” and “could beat anyone” because they were 4-0 entering Monday’s matchup. She said some players were thinking that way, but suggested a bigger problem was that some players “weren’t there all the way.” She considered herself proof of that.

“I didn’t play how I should’ve played,” Rainey said. “I should’ve been more on the ball and (done) more crossing and more attacking.”

McLagan called the Wildcats’ performance in the Suburban Big Six loss “awful.” Blue Springs was “outmatched in every department,” he said.

“Right from the start – the whistle – they came out to win," he said. "We wanted to win, but we didn’t want to work to win.”

The Broncos (2-3-2, 1-0 league) saw results from their desire to win in the seventh minute, when Laken Tedrow finished a shot around the 6-yard box. Leading 1-0 at halftime, North put it away with a four-goal second half.

Alexis Mitchell started the second-half onslaught by slipping a shot past starting goalkeeper Lindsey Davis in the 46th minute. Following Davis’ departure in 67th minute because of an injury, the Broncos scored three goals against sophomore reserve keeper Mikayla Hoyle. Keelie Fothergill put a low ball into the far corner in the 71st minute, followed by goals from Hannah Bomar in the 74th and 76th minutes.

“I think there was a little change in the momentum of the game (when Davis was injured), because they were really starting to counter-pressure us,” North coach Ryan Kelley said. “They were getting us back on our heels a little bit. That break, I think, allowed our girls to regroup. Knowing that their backup goalie was in, I think, kind of inspired our girls a little bit more and we were able to get a couple goals there at the end to really finish that game.”

Blue Springs had a few near-misses. Arguably, the Wildcats’ closest scoring chance came in the 48th minute when Rainey’s shot at the end of a breakaway skimmed wide right.

“That was a really good way we could’ve gotten a goal and I just missed it,” Rainey said. “I didn’t think. I just saw the goal and shot, which isn’t a really good thing to put in your head.”

Overall, Monday night “didn’t work out the way we wanted it to,” Rainey said. “We didn’t have any heart in it.”