Carol St. Louis


To the editor:

Thank you, Ted Stillwell, for the story about Sharon Kinne (The Examiner, March 26, “The Sharon Kinne story”). You did a wonderful job in condensing Sharon’s murderous past. Patricia Jones was found in a lover’s lane area about where William Southern Elementary School stands today, on Phelps Road and 44th Street.

My father, William C. Morton, was the arresting officer of Sharon Kinne. Sharon played a big part in our life for years, as it seems about every five years her name would crop up again. My dad was interviewed on the Mike Murphy Radio show and also met with an author that also wrote a book about Sharon, “The Sharon Kinne Story,” by James C. Hays. Sharon’s story was also featured on an episode of “Unsolved Mysteries.”

One of the most fascinating stories is from about 10 years ago. Someone contacted my dad as he was the only living police officer who could still recognize her. Someone felt she was working in a bar near the Mexico/San Diego border. They wanted my dad to go to that bar and look at this woman and see if it was her. He never took up the offer.

My father passed away in 2012 at age 91. He retained a vivid memory and any time we had a question about Sharon Kinne, he had the answer.

Thanks again, Ted, for always providing us with “Portraits of the Past.”