Don M. McNulty

Blue Springs

To the editor:

Even though I call Obama and Congress stupid, I do so mainly our of frustration in having to deal with the stupidity they spiel, peddling their corruption. I’m sure many of them are not the dupes that want us to believe, for reasons concerning prison time.

A question was asked I thought had much merit. If we can believe that 7.1 million are buying insurance, how many of these had insurance before? We know millions had lost their coverage before. And where did this 7.1 million come from anyway. Last I heard we had 30 million uninsured, so what happened to them?

Another thing: We have guns to protect ourselves from people who wish us harm through acts a violence. We have guns to hunt with, and we have guns for sport, but we have the right to own these guns, not because of any of the items I mentioned above. We have the right to own guns to ward off and fight any tyrannical government, foreign or domestic. Our politicians know this, yet they fight to control and/or remove or hinder this right. Why? Innocents being hurt is not a cause.