The following items were taken from April 5 through 11, 1964, Examiner.

• An 800-pound silver-painted bell, purchased from the Robert Hisle Memorial Fund, has been placed in the tower of the Trinity Presbyterian Church, 1400 Sheley Road in Independence. The bell was salvaged from a junk yard by a church member and was set in the tower by a big crane.

• A class of 89, the largest ever from the Wagon Wheel District, will be presented for Eagle Scout rank at the Municipal Auditorium in Kansas City. Among those who will receive the award and take part in the program is Robert Finken, 13, son of Mr. and Mrs. Scott Finken, 3519 S. Osage.

• “One of America’s greatest heroes is dead. General of the Army Douglas MacArthur fought his last fight with all the valor that distinguished him in war and peace,” President Johnson, who served under him, announced. MacArthur will be buried in the MacArthur Memorial in Norfolk, Va.

• An investigation into possible violations of the Independence City Charter was called for following the appearance of City Manager Ken Kyle on KCMO-TV. Ken Heady, program director, said the show was a “paid political program.”


The following items were taken from the April 5 through 11, 1914, Examiner.

• The sixty-first annual session of the world’s conference of the Reorganized Latter Day Saints Church was called to order in the Stone Church on April 6 by President Joseph Smith. Though entirely blind and very feeble, he made an address in which he declared his unwavering adherence to the Reorganized Faith, although for more than half a century it had been an unceasing struggle with the enemies of the church.

• Secretary Daniels of the Navy has issued an official order abolishing the “Wine Mess” in the Navy. For years there has been a strict prohibition on government vessels against the enlisted men and non commissioned officers not being allowed liquor, not so in the officers quarters. The government in issuing the order making prohibition in the Navy is only following out the demand of progressive thought and justice.

• Why hasn’t Independence a creamery? Independence is an ideal location for a creamery, according to W.M. Sloan of Kansas City, owner of a fine farm near Lake City. He says the city has splendid dairy conditions such as grass, water and delivery facilities. He believes that a creamery enables the farmers to utilize their crops and encourages the growing of crops beneficial to the soil, such as clover, cow peas and alfalfa.

• Under the laws of the United States every daily newspaper in the nation must make out a statement of ownership, and of circulation every six months. The statement published six months ago showed an average circulation every day of 1411. The circulation report just published shows and average circulation of 1690. A newspaper may help make a community, but it takes a community to make a newspaper. It therefore follows that the successful newspaper is an invariable index to the community in which it is published.

– Jillayne Ritchie