So we’re done with the snow, right?

If so, the winter of 2013-14 ends with 26.1 inches, including Monday’s light snowfall. That is 7.4 inches more than normal, though shy of the 31.3 inches that fell in 2012-13.

That puts this past winter at just the 35th snowiest among the century and a quarter of official records in Kansas City.

And it’s still dry. Kansas City had its third driest year on record in 2012, and 2013 was a few inches below normal. Over that two-year span, the area got only 57 percent of the rainfall that would normally be expected.

That deficit has grown a little so far in 2014. Just 4.6 inches of precipitation has been recorded at Kansas City International Airport since Jan. 1, which is 2.03 inches short of normal.

Sunday is Easter, a day when snowfall in Kansas City is rare. Since 1910, it’s only snowed nine times on Easter, usually just a trace and never when Easter has fallen quite this late. However, on April 4, 1920, the area got 3.6 inches of Easter Sunday snow. A trace has fallen twice in the last 50 years, in 1964 and 2008.

It does rain about half of the time on Easter, and for this Sunday forecasters say it’s likely, along with a high in the 60s, about average.