There are some times in your life when you hear a story which is just too perfect not to share with your friends. This is one of them. Be prepared…..

A friend, who shall remain nameless for reasons which will become clear to you once you reach the end, had cause to go to the doctor last week. His complaint was a constantly running nose, and having exhausted his supply of handkerchiefs, Kleenex, and sleeves, decided enough was enough.

The doc duly examined him, wrote him a prescription, and sent him on his merry sniffing way to the pharmacy, where the medicine was dispensed and off he went home, secure in the knowledge that relief was at hand and his troubles would soon be over.

Opening up his paper sack, he was a little nonplussed at the contents, but it having been prescribed by a man of long university study, internship and practice, our patient accepted the medication, odd though it was, as Gospel Truth, and proceeded to put it to use – even putting aside intense personal embarrassment to ask his wife for her help in the administration thereof.

You see, at this point, if it had been me, I might have let my natural skepticism show just a tad, as I could almost swear that a suppository was never going to help a runny nose in a million years – but who knows with modern medicine these days.

Naturally Sir and I went into a good chuckle fest at this admission, telling him that he really shouldn’t worry too much if the doctor thought he was an #$@hole – we were sure the medicine would help, and made appropriate soothing sounds to this poor man - a sort of nasally challenged Van Gogh, who would probably quite happily cut off his offending appendage if it would only just stop running.

So imagine if you will, my reaction when Sir called me at the office and patched me into a three way speaker-phone conversation with his good self, me, and the wife of our Nosey Friend.

You see, the pharmacy had just called to ask him if he’d taken any of his medication. Well, naturally he had, as he advised the chemist.

Seems there’d been just a tiny bit of a mix up, nothing to get concerned about you understand. The slip up was only realized when the recipient of the mixed-up medicine called the drug store to find out how he should in fact insert the nasal spray.

Between spluttering belly-aching laughter, I asked the wife if the suppositories had helped at all – apparently sadly not.

I wonder how the presumed hemorrhoid sufferer was getting along with a no-doubt camphor infused medication inserted in his fundament.

I will now go and repair my eye make-up – again – and, oh dear -

My nose won’t stop running.

Annie Dear lives in Lee’s Summit. Email her at