Chrissy HoChee

student, William Chrisman High School

To the editor:

I have been a part of the William Chrisman High School girls basketball program for six years. The past four years with Coach Thompson have been nothing but the best! She has most definitely shaped me into the person I am today. She is such a loyal, loving coach for this group of girls. Her dedication and love for the basketball program formulate many of the younger girls to spark a love for the game and become consistent players.

It would be very sad to lose a person who has impacted us since we were young girls. Many young women in the near future deserve an opportunity to meet such a loyal, loving and dedicated person. I admire her not only as a coach, but as a role model and person, constantly following up with our day-to-day decisions, plans and goals. She also continues to be in contact with many students and players who have graduated. I am certain she does the same with many of the coaches and teachers she has worked with in the past years as well.

About to be graduating, I look forward to watching Coach Lindsay Thompson work with the many talented girls she has developed and trained in the near future.