Martin Walsh

Glendale, Mo.

To the editor:

What a coincidence! We celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Voting Rights Act the same week the Missouri legislature voted to restrict voting rights with voter photo ID law. Our legislators say they want to “preserve the integrity of the ballot box.” They have tried for about six years, and – guess what? – not one incidence of a violation, not one.

There is actually another way to violate this integrity. It is to deny about 220,000 registered voters the right to vote. Proponents love to say no one can function in society without photo ID. This argument is absurd on its face. There are, in fact, 220,000 functioning, registered voters without this ID.

Let’s look at reality. For me to impersonate another, I have to:

1) Get proof I am him (especially difficult if he is dead).

2) Face the difficult task of going to a neighborhood where no one knows me (I once ran into a friend in London, England, so you never know).

3) Must say I am someone who is/was known in the neighborhood, hoping I do not run into him, his family, or a friend.