Makenzie Erikson

student, William Chrisman High School

To the editor:

What is high school? I’ve pondered this question many times over the past couple years. So far, I know everything it shouldn’t be. For example, high school shouldn’t be determined through politics. Who you become shouldn’t rely on who you know. Where you go shouldn’t be determined by where you’ve been. I believe politics are the reason my coach was relieved.

Coach Thompson is someone you can’t help but like. Her players and students always treat her with respect because that is what they always receive in return. I’ve never known a coach who is more loyal to her players. Coach T won’t hesitate to tell you it “may not be you that day” or to “go run” because you’re “messing things up.” Yes, these commands may be met with an eyeroll or mumble under the breath, but the girls always did what coach said because they knew she was right. To us athletes, basketball was our gateway. It led us to a land free of stress and worry of school, family, friends, etc. That “land of freedom” was led by no one other than Ms. Thompson.

It would be a shame to see someone with that big of a heart leave WCHS.

Isn’t school the most important thing? I’m really starting to believe otherwise. How is school supposed to be my main focus when I’m in turmoil about who could replace Coach? After everything she had done for the program, no one will be able to live up to her standards. (Is it because we lost too many close games? Then might as well fire the players because Coach couldn’t get on the court and execute her game plan for us.) No one will have a better basketball IQ. No one will have as much loyalty to their players. No one will have a bigger heart. If I could pick any coach, I’d pick Thompson for my team every time.