To achieve their bronze award, Girl Scout Troop 3086 in Lee's Summit created a day dedicated to kindness, called A-OK May Day. This stands for Acts of Kindness On May 1. It began within the troop from a simple idea called “I Caught You Forms.” The girls in the troop used the forms to catch people doing acts of kindness, who were then awarded a good deed patch for being caring and nice to one another. The simple idea then turned into a project to not only achieve their bronze award, but more importantly, share acts of kindness throughout the community. The girls noticed other kids getting bullied and realized kindness was the best way to solve the problem.

A-OK May Day, now held on May 1, was created in 2013 with the idea of promoting random acts of kindness throughout the Lee's Summit community. Soon after the idea, the girls presented their idea to the Lee's Summit City Council, and Mayor Randy Rhoads issued a proclamation declaring May 1, 2013, as A-OK May Day in the city of Lee's Summit. Now that the girls have noticed more kindness within schools and their city, they are hoping to reach an even bigger community.

April 10, Missouri Sen. Jason Holsman sponsored Senate Resolution No. 1819, which was adopted recognizing May 1, 2014, as A-OK May Day. This resolution "encourages all citizens of the State of Missouri to join in the recognition and do acts of kindness across the entire state." The goal is to spread awareness and make A-OK May Day a nationally recognized day. The girls have contacted President Barack Obama and continue to spread the word regarding A-OK May Day throughout the community.

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