The 24th annual Festival of Color - Youth Art Show, which was held April 5 and 6 at the Sermon Center in Independence, is sponsored by the Citizen's Civic and Cultural Committee, Independence Art Association and Independence Parks and Recreation.

The Roger T. Sermon Trust Fund set up a fund at the Truman Heartland Community Foundation to help fund this annual event. Also there was a special display from MyARTS, a part of the Jackson County Prosecutor's Arts Initiative through the Anti-Drug Unit of Jackson County.

The following are award winners and the name of their teacher is in parentheses:

Best of Show

Merely Existing, Abigail Morrow (Kim Meneses), Fort Osage

Most Promising New Artist

Childhood, Molly Pluenneke (Jeremy Baker), Blue Springs South


First: Pioneer Woman, Mitchell Dill (Jeremy Baker) Blue Springs South

Second: Bird Brained, Caitlin Echols (Kim Meneses), Fort Osage

Third: Colorful Trees, Jessica McLauglin (Kim Meneses), Fort Osage

Honorable Mention: Contemporary Issues, Molly Pluenneke (Jeremy Baker), Blue Springs South

Mixed Media

First: Self Portrait Print, Caitlin Echols (Kim Meneses), Fort Osage

Second: Dissolution, Katelyn Cogan (Jill Flinton), William Chrisman

Third: Innocent, Angelu Garciano (Jean Luzader), Truman

Honorable Mention: Harsh Nature, Shaun James (Johnna Coleman), Blue Springs

Acrylic/Oil Painting

First: Legos, Alaina Alyward (Jessica Taul), Blue Springs

Second: A Stoll in the Park, Caitlin Echols (Kim Meneses), Fort Osage

Third: Peter Pippers Peppers, Ashley Hahne (Kim Meneses), Fort Osage

Honorable Mention: Rain Bars, Josh Lor (Jean Avery), Blue springs South

Experimental Photography

First: Jack-o-Lantern, Taylor Lloyd (Olga Burwell), Fort Osage

Second: Iris, Cailene Tooker (Ashley Carter), Raytown South

Third: Lightness, Alaina Alyward (Jessica Taul), Blue Springs

Honorable Mention: Clinging to Life, Andrew Foster (Karen Campbell), William Chrisman


First: One Sweet Day, Coryan Goehring (Kim Meneses), Fort Osage

Second: Cooking Up A Storm, Noah Kellough (Lauren Snodgrass), Grain Valley

Third: Peacock Kimono, Taylor Cheshier (Kim Meneses), Fort Osage

Honorable Mention: Hand, Ashton Graybill (Carleen Martin), Blue Springs South


First: Breathless, Elaine Brattin (Lauren Snodgrass), Grain Valley

Second: Diner, Colleen Waddell (Lauren Snodgrass), Grain Valley

Third: Bottles, Cat Flowers (Karen Campbell), William Chrisman

Honorable Mention: Colorful Rusted Bolt Nut, Courtney Ravenscroft (Karen Campbell), William Chrisman


First: Henry, Michaela Reynolds (Kim Meneses), Fort Osage

Second: Cheer Up Buttercup, Brook Pettit (Jill Flinton), William Chrisman

Third: Spring Garden, Eyra Vermeland (Kim Meneses), Fort Osage

Honorable Mention: Splash of Spots, Moriah Dowty (Kim Meneses), Fort Osage

Computer Generated Art

First: Power Outage, Devin Cain (Jeremy Baker) Blue Springs South

Second: Self Portrait, Mikaela Cubon (Tammy Steele), Raytown South

Third: You Don't Even Know Me, Rachel Krull (Tammy Steele), Raytown South

Honorable Mention: Murder, Robin Prantl (Jean Luzader), Truman

The judge was Lawrence T. Randall retired art teacher in the Blue Springs High School for 28 years.

The Independence Art Association Awards:


Ashlee Burlile, Medal, Fort Osage (Kim Meneses)

Austin Harlow, Medal, William Chrisman (Roy King)

Jalil Salaam, Medal, Blue Springs South (Jeran Avery)

Mixed Media

Makalla Case, Medal, Fort Osage (Kim Meneses)

Angelu Garciano, Medal, Truman (Jean Ludzader)

Courtney Henderson, Medal, Grain Valley (Lauren Snodgrass)

Experimental Photography

Meghan Riehle, Raytown South (Ashley Carter)

Computer Generated Art

Makayla Pfaff, Medal, Raytown South (Tammy Steele)


Madelon Cushman, Medal, Blue Springs South (Jeremy Baker)

Hayley Park, Medal, Truman (Jean Luzader)

Michaela Reynolds, Medal, Fort Osage (Kim Meneses)


Alaina Alyward, Medal, Blue Springs (Jessica Taul)

Elizabeth Hupp, Medal, Fort Osage (Kim Meneses)


Andrew Foster, Medal, William Chrisman (Karen Campbell)


Moriah Dowty, Medal, Fort Osage (Kim Meneses)