Tiara Goulden

student, William Chrisman High School

To the editor:

I don’t think it is understood how much it hurts to know Coach Thompson won’t be with us anymore. We were already dealing with our JV coach leaving us, and getting the news about Coach Thompson felt unreal.

I personally only have known her since this past season, but the bond we’ve all formed and the way she coaches and runs our Lady Bear family made me feel so welcome. Getting back into basketball with such great coaches and teammates felt amazing. Words can’t explain how much losing both coaches is hurting us, and everyone should consider how it affects us as a team.

We’re losing more than a coach. She’s an amazing friend, teacher, leader and mentor. It will have to be a huge turnaround next year if she’s not around, and things won’t ever be quite the same. #BringBackCoachT