Let's talk technology. I have none. Rather, I have little knowledge of this new world of technology and really don't want to learn about it.

I've learned that repeatedly, this month.

I feel like my grandfather, who would not get a telephone. He lived far out in the country, and as he aged, we worried about him. But we could never convince him to get a land line.

Anyway, back to technology . . . I've had an HP printer which has given me fits since the day I bought it. The printer would not scan. I tried everything.

Rather than deal with it, I'd run over to neighbor Ruth and have her scan anything, I needed to email.

Ruth is so nice.

Well, after a year, I decided to call the store where I purchased the printer, Costco, and I was surprised. Costco has a huge help center for technology related issues, on their store items.

I landed with Bruce, at the help center, who assisted me with directions to make sure that the printer was connected properly. Next, Bruce suggested we look at the computer. Are you ready for this one?

Bruce then, asked me for permission to get on my computer.

I was shocked that Bruce had the nerve to ask me such. My mother told me to never give a man access to my home, or computer.

Bruce had his work made out for him. My mom was clear about the rules.

However, Bruce did not give up. He tried to convince me that he would bring no harm to me or my computer.

Therefore, I agreed.

Well, if that wasn't the darnedest thing. I sat at my computer in my bedroom and once I checked the release box, Bruce made things happen on my computer. He moved the curser, opened programs, tried a multitude of things and voila, he got stuck.

After an hour, Bruce stopped and suggested we call HP and have them help us. I agreed.

Within two minutes, HP's Andrew was on the phone and within another minute, Andrew was on the computer with Bruce.

I had two men on my computer, so I did the only normal thing a mom would do. I changed the sheets on my king bed.

While my two visitors were working on my computer, the dryer had ding-ed. It was time to pull the sheets out and place them on the mattress, before they got wrinkled.

I asked Bruce and Andrew if they could see what I was doing and I almost died when Bruce said, “changing your sheets.”

I stood up, looked around my bedroom, and could only see the curser moving. Bruce laughed, and reminded me that when he called HP, I said I would run and put the sheets in the dryer.

It took nearly two hours. Therefore, I got quite a bit of housework done.

Although, I'd occasionally look over my shoulder while dusting the head board and scouring the master bathroom sink. Sure enough, Bruce and Andrew were busy as could be.

The great part of the technology news is my scanner now works. The second best part is my bedroom, and bathroom, have never been so clean.

Don't you just love technology!

Diane Mack is coordinator of Putting Families First, Jackson County’s Family Week Foundation. Email her at jacksoncountyfamilyweek@yahoo.com or visit www.jacksoncountyfamilyweek.org.